NSIS Installers for RS MINERVE

The NSIS installer for RS MINERVE was created using the NSIS script-based system.
Note: Beta versions are internal releases published for test partners.

Windows Installer Version Date Size Release notes
25.10.2018 23.54 MB
  • updated manuals
  • new command lines to create calibration logs
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 14.09.2018 23.6 MB
  • added new command line operations
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 14.06.2018 23.6 MB
  • fixed bug in object Source
  • altitude and power added to comparator object
  • improved management and conversion of units
  • fixed bugs in planner object
  • added new planner tasks (command lines)
RSMinerve-install.exe 02.03.2018 23.6 MB
  • updated documentation
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 07.12.2017 40.95 MB
  • new command lines for automatic model calibration
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 16.10.2017 40.95 MB
  • hydrological models with a snow module now provides Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) series
  • comparator now compares not only discharge series, but also height series
  • improved Planner object (any output of the Planner can be based on any series of the entire model)
  • updated manuals
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 17.07.2017 33.5 MB
  • changed unit of parameters GradP and GradETP in virtual weather stations from m/s/m to 1/m
  • fixed error in Muskingum-Cunge method
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 22.06.2017 33.5 MB
  • improved messages for warning and fatal errors
  • improved planner object
  • added new module to optimize planner objects
  • added water level variation series to result in reservoirs
  • added discharge variation series to result in turbines
  • fixed update in Parameters and Initial conditions tables when importing new values from a file
  • fixed errors in calibration module with Uniform Adaptative Montecarlo algorithm
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 14.03.2017 33.47 MB
  • improved plugin manager
  • updated manuals
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 17.02.2017 31.4 MB
  • plugin manager fully implemented
  • updated manuals
  • improved Help (implemented as a tab)
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 21.11.2016 21.76 MB
  • modified parameter inputs for GR4J (real values instead of transformed)
  • improved parameter names for snow and glacier melting coefficients
  • updated manuals
  • improved Help
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 09.11.2016 21.76 MB
  • added documentation for the Planner object and the variable degree-day coefficient (Snow, SOCONT and GSM models)
  • fixed bugs
  • Installer: remove previously installed software
RSMinerve-install.exe 26.10.2016 22.54 MB
  • added glacier height variation for the GSM model
  • added annual sinusoidal variation for the Snow, SOCONT and GSM models
  • added possibility to reset snow height values at a fixed date in the year for annual analysis
  • GIS improvements
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 20.09.2016 22.53 MB
  • added new Planner object to control hydraulic structures
  • added Hglacier as result in the GSM object
  • added new tasks (command line)
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 22.07.2016 22.5 MB
  • improved functions for merging datasets
  • improved warning messages for turbines
  • added new command line operations
  • added support for exporting a topology in SVG format
  • added support for NA, NaN and NULL values in CSV datasets
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 23.06.2016 22.11 MB
  • added functionality for combining and merging datasets
  • a Reach slope <=0 now generates a fatal error
  • removed unused information from database
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 02.06.2016 22.11 MB
  • added regular parameter ranges to calibration module
  • added option to create a model on a subbasin layer only
  • links between objects are now based on the type of flow
  • best values for Rosenbrock algorithm are now directly available in calibration module
  • improved notes and warnings in postprocessing report
  • improved warnings for ETP methods
  • fixed issue with background zoom
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 19.05.2016 22.11 MB
  • improved visualization of GIS results
  • improved visualization of stochastic results
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 17.05.2016 22.11 MB
  • introduced new model format
  • changed resolution of St-Venant equations
  • improved conversion between objects
  • improved merge of datasets
  • renamed parameter An into Asn
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 09.05.2016 22.1 MB
  • fixed bugs in database
  • fixed bugs in GR4J and HBV calculation
  • improved visualization in Calibrator and Creation
  • updated HTML help
RSMinerve-install.exe 08.04.2016 20.61 MB
  • fixed bugs
RSMinerve-install.exe 01.04.2016 20.61 MB
  • fixed bugs
  • updated HTML help
RSMinerve-install.exe 22.02.2016 20.61 MB
  • improved stochastic module with 5 possible distributions
  • fixed bugs in database and GIS
  • changed PWP parameter in HB model (now adimensional and related to FC)
RSMinerve-install.exe 15.12.2015 20.63 MB
  • use default encoding for CSV datasets
  • changed methods to load multiple datasets (.csv/.dsx) in a new database
  • fixed bug in database time zones management (UTC)
  • minor code improvements
RSMinerve-install.exe 27.11.2015 20.63 MB
  • new cut, copy and paste methods of model elements
  • import/export database time series in CSV
  • improvement of GIS interface
  • simplification of the code structures of model elements
  • fixed performance issues
RSMinerve-install.exe 14.10.2015 20.6 MB
  • fixed bug when opening version 1.3 models
  • updated HTML help
RSMinerve-install.exe 13.10.2015 22.21 MB
  • fixed bugs
  • improved turbine, HQ and reservoir objects
  • updated user's and technical manuals
  • added command line support
  • GIS: improvement in model edition
05.10.2015 22.21 MB
  • fixed bugs
  • added new indiciator of efficiency (Kling-Gupta)
  • time step and recording time step can be saved in different units
  • GIS: improvement in model creation (rivers become optional)
29.09.2015 22.21 MB
  • fixed bugs
  • fixed bug in regulation objects
  • introduced new model format
  • Installer: fixed 32/64-bit issue
11.08.2015 22.17 MB
  • fixed bugs in RS GIS
  • fixed bug in GSM initial conditions
03.08.2015 22.17 MB
  • fixed bugs
  • improved memory management
  • updated river icons
  • moved Forecast Simulation to Plugins
  • Expert: fixed bugs in Time-Slice Simulation
14.07.2015 22.18 MB
  • fixed bugs in GIS module
09.07.2015 22.07 MB
  • fixed bugs
  • added St-Venant resolution to rivers (draft)
  • Installer: added missing plugins
02.07.2015 22.66 MB
  • fixed bugs
  • added a new river (lag-time)
  • added plugins support
17.06.2015 22.85 MB
  • fixed bugs
  • added HTML help
  • added VB scripts support
  • Installer: added registration of DLL assemblies